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Wordpress Has Never Been Better...

Installed & Setup For You
Server Level Protection & All WordPress Updates Done For You
Triple-tiered Backup System
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What Makes Our Managed WordPress Hosting Special?

Our entire Support Team are WordPress users and they have created a custom hosting environment designed from the ground up to serve WordPress pages at blazing speeds while also being secure and scalable to the needs of your site.

Beyond this optimized environment we also manage the software for you. From the initial installation of WordPress on the account to keeping the WordPress core files updated. You'll never have to worry about your WordPress software being current as we'll automatically update it for you when each new version is released. This way you'll know that you're running on the latest and safest software.

We'll also keep your Themes and Plugins updated for you as well. There's no sense in having managed WordPress hosting if a large part of your software is allowed to fall out of date; slowing page load speeds or worse leaving you vulnerable to known threats. We keep everything up to date in the background so that you can focus on what's more important for your business or blog: creating content.

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