Single Site Hosting

Starting at $3.99 / month
  • Hosts 1 Domain
  • Generous 5gb of Web Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Website Builder

Multiple Sites Hosting

Starting at $7.99 / month
  • Hosts Up To 10 Domains
  • Generous 15gb of Web Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free Website Builder
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Whether you're just starting out with your first web site or are a seasoned professional, BanProNET provides everything you'll need to get your web site up and running fast. From a world class 24/7 support team always here to assist you to the most current tools and software for building and managing your web site and email.

Since 2002 that is the BanProNET difference.

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July 1, 2017 - BanPro NET now offering free SSL certificates on all domains by request.

BanProNET Knowledgebase

Here are the FAQ's:

  1. How do I access the Control Panel for my account?
  2. Visit http://YOURDOMAIN/cpanel and login with the Username and Password for your account
  3. What if I've lost my Customer ID number for logging into the support system?
  4. Contact our support department via Email at from the Email address associated with your account. Include the domain name and Control Panel Username in the message and request your Portal Customer ID number.
  5. Can I upgrade from single site hosting to multi-site hosting?
  6. Absolutely, in fact it is a seemless and almost instant process to do so. Simply login to the Customer Portal above and submit a request.
  7. Can I get more web space for my hosting account?
  8. Most accounts never need this but if you do then absolutely. Simply login to the Customer Portal above and submit a request for the amount of additional web space you need and we will quote you a cost for the upgrade and apply it if you agree to the offering.
  9. Can I use custom or third-party software on my site?
  10. You may use any third-party software you wish to on your account which is in compliance with our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy
  11. How long does it take to setup a new account?
  12. If you fill out the order form completely and allow your browser to be redirected following your submission of payment the process should be nearly instant. If you close your browser window prior to completing the process or in some very rare case there may be a delay of several hours.
  13. How is billing handled?
  14. We utilize the safe and secure PayPal platform and Invoice you directly for each recurring payment. We no longer use PayPal Subscriptions because we've found our customers prefer a more detailed and customized Invoice for their own record keeping. Whatever billing cycle you select when ordering (Monthly, Semi-Annual or Annual) you will receive a digital Invoice from us through PayPal in advance of your next due date.

Helpful How To's:

  1. How to setup your domain name for your hosting account
  2. Login to the registrar where you have registered your domain name and look for the option to set NameServers. Different registrars will locate this option in different places, however in most cases it is easily accessable by clicking on your domain name from the registrar's domain management dashboard.

    Next set the first and second NameServers for your domain to be:
  3. How to create an Email account
    1. Login to your hosting account Control Panel
    2. Click the icon labeled "Email Accounts"
    3. Enter the Email address and select the domain or sub-domain desired for it from the drop-down list
    4. Create a strong password for the Email address
    5. Set the disk space size quota for the Email address (we recommend no larger than 250 MB)
    6. Click the "Create Account" button
  4. How to upload your website files
  5. There are two common ways to upload website files. First is via an FTP Client program in which case you would use your domain name as the host, and your Control Panel Username and Password as the login credentials.

    The second and easiest method is via the File Manager located right in your hosting account Control Panel. To use this simply:
    1. Login to your hosting Control Panel
    2. Click the icon labeled "File Manager"
    3. Navigate into your "public_html" or deeper directory where you wish to upload the file(s) to by clicking on folder names
    4. Select the file(s) you wish to upload
    5. Click the "Go back to..." link when finished
  6. How to create a MySQL database and user
    1. Login to your hosting Control Panel
    2. Click the icon labeled "MySQL Database Wizard"
    3. Give the database a name and click "Next Step"
    4. Create a Username and strong Password for the database user and press "Create User"
    5. Give the user the Privilages desired in the database by checking the appropriate box(es) the press "Next Step"
    Your database and user are now created and the user has been connected to the database with the selected Privilages.
  7. How to change a file or folder's permissions
    1. Login to your hosting account Control Panel
    2. Click the icon labeled "File Manager"
    3. Navigate to and click (highlight) the file or folder you wish to change permissions for
    4. Click the Key icon at the top of the screen labeled "Change Permissions"
    5. Set the permission levels you desire then press the "Change Permissions" button
  8. How to create and download a local copy of your website
    1. Login to your hosting account Control Panel
    2. Click the icon labeled "Backups"
    3. Under "Partial Backups" click the button labeled "Download" (this is your website files minus any databases)
    4. Next under Databases click on the name of each database listed to download a copy of that database. Repeat this step for each database listed that you desire a backup downloaded for

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